Meet the Farmers


Shannon Varley, Bella Terra Family Farm
Washington, Maryland

Nora Crist, Clark’s Farm
Ellicott City, Maryland

Mo Moutoux, Moutoux Orchards
Purcellville, Virginia

Jennie Kahly, Possum Tail Farm
Terra Alta, West Virginia

Kelly Hensing, Hilltop Acres Farm
Dayton, Maryland

Molly Peterson, Heritage Hollow Farms
Sperryville, VA

Emma Jagoz, Moon Valley Farm
Cockeysville, MD

Gail Taylor, Three Part Harmony Farm
Washington, D.C.

Hana Newcomb, Potomac Vegetable Farms
Vienna, VA

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  1. Beautiful and God inspired work to spread the news about sustainable farmers from the givers of life – Women – Amen – and so it is

  2. Please feature Elaine Boland of Fields of Athenry Farm in Purcellville, Va. You will love her and her story.

    1. Hi Dara. Good idea! I actually photographed Elaine a few years ago for Flavor magazine. Gosh I miss that magazine!Would be nice to reconnect with Elaine.

  3. Great site, As a dad of two daughters I love to see women in agriculture. Keep posting.

    1. Thank you, Tom! I’ve enjoyed seeing what you are doing at Suburban Greens. I’m not a farmer (I just like to photograph and write about them!), but I’m starting to get some ideas of things to do with my backyard. Your site has inspired me more. How old are your girls, and are they following in your footsteps?

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