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Farm Ownership: The Dream. Part 1

Farm ownership: it’s a farmer’s dream and often difficult to attain.  My project about women farmers started and blossomed with one such farmer with a fierce dream. Shannon Varley is a woman with a strong vision of owning and working her own farm, and she’s been on a mission to realize that dream for years….

Buying a Farm: Shannon Varley Part 4

This is the fourth installment about farmer Shannon Varley, drawn to a life as a farmer and hell-bent on owning her own farm, not renting. You can read Part 1 of her story here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here. For eight years, Shannon’s goal was to own her own farm, and she and…

Kismet?: Shannon Varley Part 7

Sound the trumpets! I’ve got an update from farmer Shannon Varley that might just make you feel everything is right in the world. You can read her full story starting here, but here’s a quick recap: Shannon’s determined dream for years has been to own her own farm. She moved up and down the east…